Sustainable Finance

Academy Securities recognizes the potential impact that a broad range of sustainability issues can have on our clients. Since Academy’s inception, we have been committed to instigating positive impact through our mission of mentoring, training, and hiring military veterans—while maintaining the highest degree of authenticity and capability.

Sustainability is increasingly front and center for investors, businesses, and governments globally. Since 2015, institutional assets managed with sustainable issues in mind have reached a collective $121 trillion. It is projected that by 2025, at least half of professionally managed assets will have a sustainability mandate.

As the landscape around sustainability continues to evolve, Academy’s Sustainable Finance department will evolve with it, helping our clients and partners navigate the developments and issues that are most material to them. Our team is well-equipped to offer insight including (but not-limited to) supply-chain, technology/cyber, regional tension/human-rights, climate change, and sustainability related trends and products.


Mike Rodriguez, Capital Markets and Sustainable Finance, is a former infantry Marine who was wounded in the Battle of Fallujah and awarded the Purple Heart. Following his military service and recovery, he did his graduate work at Dartmouth where he focused on issues of sustainability as it pertains to National Security and earned a Master’s Degree in Globalization Studies. His specialization at Academy Securities is in sustainable finance issuance and investing, where he focuses on the metrics by which green and sustainably themed/marketed securities are evaluated.

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Monthly Reports


March 2024 – Academy Sustainable Finance Report

2024: It’s Looking Interesting We’re almost through the first quarter of 2024, and it’s looking interesting. Despite a rout in sustainable, social, and green bond issuance in 2022 and 2023, this year has seen a resurgence. So far almost $8bn in U.S. corporate investment grade green bonds have priced, including new entrants like Dow Chemical ... Academy Sustainable Finance Report


June 2023 – E, S, Geopolitics

In this month’s report, we explore the increasing relationship between geopolitics, climate risk, industrial innovation, and ESG. Using the DIME framework, we highlight the ways that various nations are using the instruments of national power to maintain their competitive advantage in light of increasing extreme weather events. In addition, we review how they are establishing themselves as leaders in energy transition and industrial climate innovation.

March 2023 – The Military Industrial Climate Innovation Complex

In this month’s report we look at the recent UN IPCC report and updates across all branches of the U.S. military, we follow-up on our November 2021 report to relook at the role that the U.S. military can play as a macro-driver in bringing industrial climate innovations to scale as well as some of the opportunities that could exist.

February 2023 – IEA’s recent World Energy Outlook

In this month’s report we consider what energy security may look like in the future. Using the IEA’s recent World Energy Outlook, we dive into what the possibilities are for global demand and generation, as well as review the opportunities and challenges that could exist for investors and other stakeholders over the next 7-20 years.


December 2022 – 2022 Recap

In this month’s report we review some of the year’s major regulatory and legislative developments as it pertains to ESG and recap 2022 Green, Social, and Sustainable bond debt issuance and fund flows. We also dive into some of the key investment themes and challenges for climate tech innovation.

October 2022 – The Water-Energy Nexus Challenge, No Longer Just Venezuela

The impact this summer’s extreme heat and drought had across the world. In particular we take a look at how drought affected Europe, parts of Asia, Africa, the United States, and the second order effects it’s had on energy production. This report also examines the increased rate at which extreme weather events are occurring, with a focus on the water-energy nexus, its economic impacts and what it means for new energy capacity and carbon capture technology.

August 2022 – Inflation Reduction Act

A review of the Inflation Reduction Act and its possible impacts beyond just what the headlines are saying.

July 2022 – Greenwashing, Green Bonds and Sustainable Transformation vs. Transition:

Updates on changes to US regulation & concerns surrounding decarbonization & deforestation.

May 2022 – Sustainability and ESG developments:

Regulatory developments, proposed rules from the SEC, and IFRS related reporting.

March 2022 – Cyber, Cyber, Cyber:

Cyber-Threat Landscape, 4-common themes: Destroy, Disrupt, Discredit, Divert, Economic Costs for Public and Private Sector, Funding Cyber Resiliency.

January 2022 – All Eyes on Water:

Key water related issues like floods, droughts, water quality, and their economic impact.


December 2021 – Reflecting on 2021:

And what to expect in 2022.

November 2021 – US Military ESG Macro-Driver:

Reviewing the US Department of Defense’s Climate Adaptation Strategy.

October 2021 – Energy Security:

Examining concerns relating to energy security.

September 2021 – UNGA:

Touching upon sustainable financing and potential tax credits associated.

August 2021 – IPCC Report:

Reviewing the main points within the recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change AR6 report.

July 2021 – Water and Geopolitics:

Examining water risks, droughts, wildfires and the impact they are having on US Markets as well as geopolitics.

June 2021 – A Glance at ESG Disclosures Across the Globe:

Delving into developing guidance for ESG Products and Marketing in the United States, United Kingdom and Asia. A brief review of what this means for the future of ESG/Sustainability Bonds.

May 2021 – Decreasing Your Dividends to Decarbonize Your Portfolio:

Discussing the “Green Dividend,” Investor Autonomy and if they could be beneficial to companies and investors.

March 2021 – US First Quarter IG Corporate ESG Bonds:

A look into the current state of ESG Bond Reporting, and challenges currently faced due to lack of effective guidance.

January 2021 – Cyber Security in Focus:

Examining the threats we face as our landscape becomes increasingly digital, the financial impact these attacks cause, and what policies are being enacted in response.


December 2020 – A Year to Remember:

Wrapping up 2020 for ESG Funds and Investors while breaking down a stark increase in issuer diversity.

November 2020 – Changing of the Guard:

What the 2020 election results mean for Sustainability/ESG – Regulations, Central Bank Involvement, and Economic Policy Shifts.

October 2020 – Water Futures:

NQH20 – Why it matters, and what effects it could have on ESG Investments in the very near future.

August 2020 – Breaking Down Bond Frameworks:

A detailed glance at the Sustainability Bond Frameworks of Sysco, Pfizer and Alphabet and what to expect in Q4 with regards to sustainable bond issuance.

July 2020 – Interest in ESG Increases as Policies Shift:

Why the Department of Labor’s new investment duties rule proposal is important, and what to know about increased regulatory scrutiny on Sustainability/ESG Claims.