Institutional Trading

In addition to our best-in-class Geopolitical advisory services and bespoke research products, Academy Securities provides both equity and fixed income execution services for institutional clients.  We pride ourselves as an extension of our clients’ trading desks, providing clients with the best execution and service.

We are large enough to accommodate any trading strategy or technology requirements, yet small enough to be agile in response to our clients’ needs.  Our priority is client satisfaction.  We focus on superior execution, unparalleled client service, and strong communication.

Equity & Fixed Income

Academy Securities maintains equity & fixed income trading desks in New York, Chicago, San Diego, and Chapel Hill.

We offer 24-hour agency execution to institutional clients for:

  • US Equities
  • International Equities
  • ETFs
  • Indices
  • Convertible Securities
  • Fixed Income
  • Municipal Securities

We Also Offer

  • Portfolio Transition Services
  • Program / Portfolio Trading
  • Block Trading
  • Corporate Stock Buyback Services
  • Total market access to on and off-exchange liquidity
  • Timely portfolio news and market updates
  • Benchmark / VWAP trading
  • FIX–enabled order connections to client OMS
  • Liquidity sourcing, benchmarking and participation algorithms
  • Anonymous access across all markets, ECNs and Dark Pools
  • Pre-trade estimates and post-trade analysis tools against standard and custom benchmarks
  • Post-trade order routing detail

At Academy Securities, our desks operate as a tight-knit team for the benefit of our clients. All traders learn to actively listen to their clients, focusing on understanding client expectations while developing the optimal trading strategy for each respective client. We can then respond with the expertise necessary to manage our clients’ trades most effectively. Our passion is client execution, which translates to getting the best price on each order for each client.

Technology and Clearing


Academy Securities uses Pershing, LLC to clear equities and fixed income securities. To facilitate the efficient clearing and settlement of orders, we have access to Alert and OASYS and offer FlexTrade enabled connections to our clients’ order management systems (OMS). Academy Securities’ experienced back office ensures any client requests are addressed promptly.


Academy Securities utilizes the most advanced order execution platforms available. We ensure that our systems are venue neutral, enabling us to instantaneously sweep all the major exchanges, ECNs, and Dark Pools to find liquidity at the best available prices. Our combination of technology and trading skill ensures truly superior execution for our clients.

We continually make significant technology investments to better serve our clients. We offer:

Our Other Services