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In Around the World, we provide geopolitical insights from across the globe that are consistently updated to keep you abreast of potential events that can impact global markets, often before they earn the attention of the mainstream media. We also incorporate our macro strategy to identify how geopolitics is likely to move markets and alter economic conditions. 

These publications supplement our SITREPs and podcasts and are time-sensitive, deep dives into issues impacting markets and businesses.



  • Update on Ukraine War
  • China Ratchets Up the Tension over Taiwan
  • Iran’s Nuclear Program
  • EU | Israel| Egypt Energy Deal
  • Violence in Mali
  • Finland and Sweden Apply to Join NATO
  • China’s Investments in Pakistan and Sri Lanka
  • North Korea Prepares for Another Nuclear Test
  • Cyber-Attack on Costa Rica’s Government
  • U.S. Sends Special Operations Troops to Somalia
  • Update on Russian Invasion of Ukraine
  • China’s Solomon Islands Partnership and Influence in the Region
  • Israeli | Palestinian Violence Escalates
  • Protests in Peru Over Inflation Crisis
  • Update on Russian Invasion of Ukraine
  • China’s Partnership with Russia and Cooperation with the Solomon Islands
  • Iran’s Low-Level Conflict with Israel is Intensifying
  • India’s and Turkey’s Position on Russia/Ukraine Conflict
  • Russian Invasion of Ukraine
  • China’s Growing Partnership with Russia
  • Nuclear Deal with Iran is Imminent
  • Multiple Coups in Africa and Threat of Terrorism in Sahel
  • Russian Incursion into Ukraine is Imminent
  • China’s Global Influence Initiatives
  • North Korean Weapons Testing
  • Iran’s Proxy Forces Strike UAE


  • Will Russia Invade Ukraine in 2022?
  • Will there be a China | Taiwan Conflict in 2022?
  • Potential for Military Action against Iran in 2022.
  • Risk of a Major Cyber Attack in 2022.
  • Russia and Ukraine
  • China | U.S. Virtual Summit
  • Civil War in Ethiopia
  • Situation in Sudan
  • China and the Threat to Taiwan
  • Iran and the Nuclear Discussions: Time is Running Out
  • Venezuela and the 20-Year Deal with Iran
  • Russia and the Nord Stream 2
  • Turkey: NATO Ally Buying Additional Russian Weapons?
  • Who Will Provide Aid to Afghanistan?
  • China and the U.S./UK/Australia Nuclear Submarine Deal
  • North Korea and the Arms Race on the Peninsula
  • Russia’s Parliamentary Elections
  • Iran: Window is Closing on the Nuclear Discussions
  • The Situation in Afghanistan
  • China, Taiwan, and the South China Sea
  • Russia and the Taliban
  • Iran and the Status of the Nuclear Discussions
  • Ethiopia and the Tigray Conflict
  • China: Cyber, Afghanistan, and the Growing Tension with NATO
  • Russia: Cyber and Nord Stream 2
  • Iran and the JCPOA
  • Haiti and Cuba
  • France and the Sahel Region in Africa
  • The G-7 and NATO Focus on China
  • North Korea’s Food Crisis
  • U.S. | Russia Summit
  • Iranian and Israeli Presidential Elections
  • Turkey | U.S. Relationship
  • Ceasefire in Israel | Hamas Conflict and Update on the Iranian Nuclear Discussions
  • Cyber-Hack on Colonial Pipeline Originated in Russia
  • Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam
  • Protests in Colombia
  • Russian Troops to Leave Ukrainian Border
  • China | Taiwan Tension
  • Iranian Nuclear Talks in Vienna
  • Myanmar Update
  • U.S. to Leave Afghanistan
  • Myanmar Update
  • U.S. | China Meetings in Alaska
  • Iranian Threats and Lack of Engagement
  • U.S. | India and the S-400
  • Russia | U.S. Relations in the Biden Administration
  • Protests in Myanmar
  • Future of the JCPOA and Iran’s Sponsorship of Terrorism
  • Russia and Belarus
  • Turkey and NATO
  • China and Taiwan Update
  • Iran: Engagement with U.S. and Partners?
  • Russia and the EU
  • Terrorism and Resurgence of ISIS
  • South America: Economic/Political Impact of COVID


  • China and Taiwan Risks in 2021
  • North Korea: More Aggressive vs. Engaging in 2021
  • U.S. Relationship with India in 2021
  • Iran Back on the Offensive in 2021
  • Risk of Further Cyber Hacks (or Attacks) in the U.S. in 2021
  • China and Taiwan Update Iran and the JCPOA
  • Israel’s Secret Meeting with Saudi Arabia
  • Turkey, Greece and NATO – G20 and Russia
  • China and Taiwan
  • Turkey and Greece
  • Azerbaijan and Armenia
  • Election Security
  • Israel and Sudan Peace Deal
  • Election Security
  • Belarus Update
  • Turkey
  • China
  • Iran
  • Election crisis in Belarus
  • Russia – The Chinese/Indian Border
  • Sanctions on Iran
  • Venezuela
  • Crisis in Belarus
  • Situation in the South China Sea
  • Arms embargo on Iran
  • Israel/UAE Peace Deal
  • Sahel Region
  • Front and Center: China Update
  • Middle East and North Africa
  • Mexico and South America
  • Chinese and Russian Cyber Thefts of COVID-19 Research
  • Middle East and North Africa
  • Mexico
  • China
  • Middle East and North Africa Updates
  • South America Update: Venezuela
  • China, Hong Kong, and North Korea
  • Middle East and North Africa Updates
  • South America Update: Brazil
  • China and Hong Kong Update
  • U.S. Decision to Delay the G7 Meeting
  • Developments in the Middle East and North Africa
  • Venezuela
  • Venezuela
  • Developments in Iran and Iraq
  • Libya and Syria Updates
  • Update on Chinese Pressure in the Region
  • Kim Reappears
  • North Korea
  • Iran’s Satellite Launch and Continued Rhetoric
  • Increased Chinese Naval Activity in the South China Sea
  • Brazil, COVID-19, and a President Under Investigation
  • Oil Production Agreement Libya Update
  • Iran’s Continued Efforts in Iraq
  • U.S. Indo-Pacific Command Request for Funding to Counter Chinese Expansion
  • Venezuela
  • U.S. Southern Command Increases Presence
  • Who Will Blink First in the Oil Price Showdown?
  • Update on the “Peace” Deal with the Taliban
  • Activation of National Guard: Governors are in Charge
  • The Academy GIG Weighs in on Coronavirus
  • Russia and Saudi Arabia Square off on Oil Production
  • Update on the “Peace” Deal with the Taliban
  • Turkey and Syria: Ceasefire in the Idlib Region
  • North Korean Missile Tests
  • A “Peace” Deal with the Taliban
  • New Sanctions on Venezuela
  • President Trump’s Visit to India
  • Cyber Threats from Iran, 30 days out
  • Future of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP)
  • Russia Sends Military Contractors to Venezuela to Protect Maduro
  • Philippines to End Long-Held U.S. Security Pact
  • Russian Influence in the Middle East and North Africa
  • Effect of Lower Oil Prices
  • Trump | Netanyahu Peace Plan
  • The Global Impact of the Events in Iraq/Iran
  • How Will Other Dictators React to U.S. Action?


  • 2019 Year in Review
  • Surprises in 2020
  • Emerging Market World
  • Turkey, France and NATO
  • Iraq, Chile, and Hong Kong
  • Hong Kong
  • Iraq – A Tough Week for Asian and South American Currency and Stocks
  • Turkey and Syria
  • China and Trade
  • Chile
  • Ukraine and Russia
  • North Korea and Indonesia

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