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Time to Retire the Magnificent 7 Moniker

According to Google, the MAG 7 are MSFT (+8% on the year), GOOG/GOOGL (both -2%), AMZN (+15%), AAPL (-6%), META (+36%), NVDA (+60%), and TSLA (-20%). Looks more like the “Magnificent 7” is more like the “Magnificent 4,” with 3 of the alleged members down on the year and underperforming the S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100. Purists will probably tell me that I’ve used the term “moniker” incorrectly. So be it. I think continuing to refer to some mythical group such as the “Magnificent 7” will do your portfolio far more harm than good. It isn’t helpful (any longer) and ... Time to Retire the Magnificent 7 Moniker

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