Geopolitical Podcast

Updates on the War Between Israel and Hamas

November 10, 2023
Lieutenant General David Deptula
United States Air Force (Ret.)
Advisory Board Member, Academy Securities
Major General Mastin Robeson
United States Marine Corps (Ret.)
Advisory Board Member, Academy Securities
Peter Tchir
Head of Macro Strategy, Academy Securities
Moderator: Rachel Washburn
United States Army Veteran
Vice President, Geopolitical Strategy, Academy Securities
Host: Staff Sergeant Andrew Robinson
United States Marine Corps (Ret.)
Vice President, Capital Markets, Academy Securities

Table of Contents


Update on the war as the Israeli ground offensive intensifies

Israel’s strategy and next steps in the war against Hamas

Risk of escalation with Iran and its proxy forces in the region

U.S. support of Israel and recent strikes against Iranian proxy forces in Syria

Macroeconomic implications of the war

Russia, China, and India